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Certification Courses Mission and Standards
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         The mission of CACEO Certification courses is to provide quality instruction and standardized testing to Colorado's code enforcement officials. Our code enforcement profession achieves greater credibility and integrity by receiving uniform core skills and knowledge.

By providing quality instruction and testing criteria, the CACEO Certification courses set the standard for Colorado's code enforcement  professionals. 



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CACEO's Basic Certification Course sets the standard for Colorado’s Code Enforcement professionals by providing quality instruction, training, and testing.

This three day course provides standardized instruction and testing for Code Enforcement Officers new to the field or to those who have not yet received a CACEO Basic Course Certificate.  Many jurisdictions in Colorado now require CACEO Basic Certification one year from date of hire.  Certification requires successful completion of the written exam on the last day of training and is maintained by earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) annually.  

Course registration is open to both Active Members ($375) and Non-Members ($400) of CACEO.



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Arvada, CO 80001

Michael Cairy

Policy: Certification Course Standards
Final Approved: 08-11-13 Education Committee
CACEO Certification Course Standards
In order to provide consistency in training, validation of the Code Enforcement profession, and establish professionalism throughout our association, the following standards are adopted for the CACEO Basic and Advanced Certification courses.  
1.  Pre-requisites
a)      The Basic Certification Course is open to any interested person.
b)      The Advanced Certification Course is open to those who have successfully completed the CACEO Basic Certification          Course and have a minimum of one year Code Enforcement experience. 
2.  Registration and Refunds
a)      Registrations maybe transferable with prior coordination.
b)      Registrations must be submitted on-line and paid with credit card.
c)      No adjustment of registration fees will be made for providing own materials or limited course attendance.
d)      Refunds will only be made to the credit card used for registration payment.

e).     No refunds will be made for registrations cancelled later than 60 days prior to course start date. 

3. The core topics for the Basic Certification Course shall include:
a)      Communication Skills
b)      Environmental and Personal Hazards
c)      Recognizing Animal Behavior
d)      Report Writing
e)      Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement
f)       Neighbor Law
g)      Courtroom Procedures
h)      Officer Safety
i)       Courtroom Testimony
4. The core topics for the CACEO Advanced Certification Course shall include:
a)     Situational Leadership

b)     Code Analysis

c)     Professional Development
d)     Ethics
e)     Elected Officials
f)      Advanced Presentation Skills
g)      Case Law

h)     Psychology

i)      Conflict Resolution

j)      Tech Plan Review

Note: Other class topics may be added as time permits or trends change.
5. A final examination is a means of measuring a student’s ability to retain and research information from available resources provided during the course.
a)      Exams shall be open book.
b)      Exam shall consist of 50 multiple choice questions with a one hour time limit.
c)      Test standards are pass/fail, passing score is a minimum of 70%.
d)      No student shall be allowed to take the exam outside of the scheduled date and time.
e)      Grading of exams shall be conducted after course completion and by no less than three course administrators.
f)       Students shall be notified of exam results and individual test scores by e-mail. 
g)      Course certificates will be mailed to the student’s immediate supervisor as recorded on the student’s registration form.
h)      All persons passing the exam shall receive a Certificate of Successful Completion from CACEO.
i)       All persons failing the exam shall receive a Certificate of Course Attendance from CACEO.

j)       There are no challenges or test-out options to the Colorado Code Enforcement Officer Certifications. 


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